A large touchscreen to practice preschool skills in an inclusive way


Dominiek Savio
Thomas More




I. is a boy in the 2nd grade of preschool. He is in a wheelchair and has difficulties in working with both hands.  

He likes to play with the children in the class, but he cannot do much in the blocks- or puzzle corner. Therefore, together with the occupational therapist, we looked for possibilities to let him do the same tasks as the other children. Puzzling and sorting with materials is difficult for him but the teacher thinks that he is smart enough to do it. 


In the classroom, at table height in front of I., a smart TV is connected to a computer. On this smart TV he can do all kinds of tasks. He can use a touch screen, the tasks are enlarged and he can zoom in.  You can find a similar model here.  

The smart TV is not only interesting for I., the other children can also do a task together with him. The occupational therapist and the care teacher make exercises for the smart TV that I. and the other children can work on together.  

In addition to being an exercise area for I., the smart TV is also used for other activities such as watching a short video, learning a song, etc.  

Experience and Outcomes

I. is not the only child who is happy with this smart TV. Other children also like to play (educational) games on the smart TV.  

However, we have noticed that the teacher makes little use of this option when she is alone in front of a class of 20 pre-schoolers. When there is an extra teacher in the classroom, the smart TV is used more frequently.  

Making new exercises does require some preparation, although there is a lot to be found on the internet. 


A computer screen is familiar, a large touchscreen is innovative for the children and the teacher, but it is received enthusiastically.


If there are financial resources, this application is fun and appropriate for many children. It is easy to connect to a computer, where a lot of exercises can be offered. When children learn to use it in preschool, it is something that can easily be adopted in primary education.