AIAS Bologna Onlus is an independent member driven Association of persons with disabilities, their family members and friends. We work with the network of local and regional social care and health services, serving as regional point of reference for health professionals for the diffusion of technological innovations. We are actively engaged in research and innovation through our Sector Projects for Innovation.

Dominiek Savio supports babies, children, young people and adults with a neuromotor disability or an acquired brain injury. 
We try to find solutions regarding education, living, daytime activities, practical assistance, home based counselling… 
We come to you or you can get support on-site. 

European University Cyprus (EUC) was founded in 2007. Today, EUC operates five Schools. The staff members involved in the program are specialized in invlusive education and assistive technology and hold important positions worldwide on this field. They also conduct teacher training in both the public and private sector in order to make the connection between theory and practice. Training programs are of great interest to both teachers and parents of children with disabilities. Teachers have the opportunity to apply all of this to real classroom environments.

Open the Windows is the only organization in the Republic of North Macedonia and in the wider region fully committed to promoting assistive technology. Since its inception in 2005, Open Windows has grown into a recognizable organization that uses technology as a tool to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Guided by the vision of a world of equal and active people who use technology for personal development, improving the quality of life and well-being of the community, the organization strives to fully fulfill its mission. We use the assistive technology to encourage and facilitate active involvement to all people in the modern world.

Thomas More is the largest university of applied sciences in Flanders. Within Thomas More, we conduct practice-based research. In this way we develop new knowledge, insights and innovative products or services. We apply scientific knowledge in specific professional situations and thus stimulate innovation in companies and in society.