Assistive technology : Sharing good practices


Open The Windows


North Macedonia


One child with combined disability, specifically with hemiparesis of the right half of the body, with difficulty in visual-motor coordination and with developed speech but with poor vocabulary.


The difficulty with visual-motor coordination imposed the need of use of assistive technology. The educator used touch screen and an adapted keyboard with the user as well as educational softwares and adapted materials to achieve the goals.

Experience and Outcomes

The results/outcomes are support in the educational process, longer retention, improved visual and visual-motor coordination and expanded knowledge of working in writing programs.


The innovative approach in this story is that thanks to the assistive devices and technology, but also to the educational software, this user achieved higher educational goals. As a result, he had an equal opportunity to learn the materials just as his peers but with the help of assistive technology and software which offer an equal opportunity and (digital) inclusion for everyone.


This activity was organized by the Centre for Assistive Technology as part of the Association “Open the Windows” and it is consolidated practice because the Centre offers support to children and persons with special educational needs through the use of assistive technology and educational software.