Go Talk 20+: inclusive communication in class


Dominiek Savio
Thomas More



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Mobile team Dominiek Savio


L. is a child in the 3rd grade of preschool. She has a verbal speech development dyspraxia which makes it difficult for her to combine sounds into words. This makes it difficult for her to speak spontaneously, but nevertheless she is very communicative. In order to increase her participation in classroom activities, a speech and language therapist who supports her, searched for a simple aid that supports her language.  


The GoTalk helps her to use pre-recorded messages to communicate. In the classroom, the right card needs to be inserted, which has been thematically worked out with relevant messages for her. 

L. can easily carry the device with the handle and can switch it on herself. However, she does need help to replace the theme cards according to the situation.  

Experience and Outcomes

L. communicates more and can really participate in class discussions in the (morning) circle. She also likes to use her GoTalk in individual contacts.  By using it, we see more spontaneous use of communication.  

For those who are familiar with her GoTalk, it is easy to change the pre-made cards. There is no fear of doing anything wrong, as it is very easy to use. 

Thanks to the GoTalk, L. has a second alternative to speech to express herself. This ensures a greater sense of well-being and stimulates L. to continue communicating with everyone.  


The GoTalk was not known in the classroom but was quickly accepted and considered a good tool. 


Other non-speaking or difficult-speaking children can also use such a device.  

As there are devices with more or less options, you can choose the device according to the developmental and physical possibilities of the child.