The bright panels


AIAS Bologna



Participating Organisation

Fondazione Gualandi, Nursery Il Cavallino a Dondolo  


This is a group experience, where children can interact alone or in small groups with the tool.
Children are between 0 and 3 years old. The tool is used, among other things, for children with hearing impairment or deafness.


A bright panel that captures the intensity of the sound. If the children speak in a low tone, the colours will be soft while, on the other hand, if the children use a higher tone, the colours will change until they reach an intensity of colour red. 

Where children use a little higher or a little lower tone of voice, the colours will change. 

This technology is very nice, also for children, because it offers the stimulus-response. 

Thanks to the use of this technology, the children will understand that the tone of voice they are using is too high. 

It is also possible to make them understand that, sometimes, there is a need to lower the tone of the voice a little bit. 

Experience and Outcomes

The system helps the children to understand when they are producing too much noise. Thanks to the visual feedback, they immediately understand when to lower the tone of their voice without the intervention of the teacher.


The system is innovative as it is embedded within the school’s facility. It is based on sensors that allow the product to monitor the environment and produce immediate feedback to the children.  


This tool is a permanent technology used within the institution.