The cinema: shared visions


AIAS Bologna



Participating Organisation

Fondazione Gualandi, Nursery Il Cavallino a Dondolo  


The number of children participating may vary depending on class size. The children are between 3 and 5 years old.


Inside the school there is a small cinema where films and short films, chosen by the children together with the teachers, or proposed directly by the latter, are screened. 

Experience and Outcomes

The tool is used to let the children express themselves, their emotions, make choices (i.e., about movies) and then talk about what they have just seen. 


Although from a technical point of view the cinema cannot be considered innovative, it provides the children with an opportunity to enjoy their time spent together. Coupled with the vibrating platform, the cinema helps children integrate visual and tactile sensations.  


The cinema is a permanent tool within the school facility.