Literature review and methodological framework

The first task of the SKATE project involved mapping, assessment and innovative approaches on inclusive technology for ECEC. Towards this aim, the consortium worked on the collection and analysis of data and information from scientific journals and books, conference proceedings from European and international conferences about technology supported learning in early childhood education. The review and analysis of literature specifically concerned issues of inclusive education in early childhood and the role of educators’ practices in using technology, in order to define best practices, new strategies, barriers, factors for success and failure, through case studies and other research evidence, as well as the possible implementation of the Universal Design for Learning in Early Childhood Education. The analysis is anticipated to help the consortium identify the main aspects of the theoretical and methodological framework of the project, in order to define individualized educational pathways in inclusive settings for all learners, and specifically children with disabilities and/or special educational needs, outlining the role of the environments, of the tools, of the materials, of educators and of the use of technologies.